Full colour Litho printing

Graphic design

Colour separation

Varnishing of various types, including UV varnishing

Hot and cold lamination

Preparation of Flexo plates

Cutting and embossing/debosssing on various types paper and board, also hot foil stamping in gold, silver, etc.

Thermal binding

Cellophane wrapping

Printing on curved surfaces

Engraving, perforation, numbering, folding

Superimposing of holograms

Each of these processes is overseen and checked by our Quality Assurance Laboratory.
With modern technologies and European standards Omega Tegi can produce lithographic production to the highest quality: various kinds of labels, packaging of different sizes, high quality magazines, newspapers, brochures, booklets, posters, etc.

Print machines ...

Omega Tegi possesses the most impressive and up to date range of professional print equipment in the Transcaucasian region; many western European print houses would be envious of our facilities.


Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74

This machine is unique in that it is commonly known within the Heidelberg network as the Speedmaster 74 and is the most environmentally friendly press in its class. It complies with high technological standards and diverse requirements of Omega Tegi. The Speedmaster 74 is a 5+2 color machine which can run at 15,000 copies per hour. The quality and definition of the printed colors are unsurpassed with the Prinect Easy Control color measuring system, which is fully integrated into the machine control station and reduces paper waste levels. Gold and silver lettering as well as varnished handbills of various productions can be seen in every journal and advertising brochure produced by Omega Tegi.

Heidelberg GTO

A3 size, the GTO press was purchased to work in tandem with our Speedmaster press to produce business cards and all stationery items needed for the modern business environment. The press has also a UV curing unit to provide a high gloss finishing touch to special covers. For security work we can print up to eight Iris colors and number up to 10 stations in one press, in all a very versatile press.


At Omega Tegi we have our own in-house Flexogrpahy processing system the Du Pont ‘CYREL’ Varniflex 1050 E which is in constant use for many of our packaging commissions.