Full colour Litho printing

Graphic design

Colour separation

Varnishing of various types, including UV varnishing

Hot and cold lamination

Preparation of Flexo plates

Cutting and embossing/debosssing on various types paper and board, also hot foil stamping in gold, silver, etc.

Thermal binding

Cellophane wrapping

Printing on curved surfaces

Engraving, perforation, numbering, folding

Superimposing of holograms

Each of these processes is overseen and checked by our Quality Assurance Laboratory.
With modern technologies and European standards Omega Tegi can produce lithographic production to the highest quality: various kinds of labels, packaging of different sizes, high quality magazines, newspapers, brochures, booklets, posters, etc.

Quality control laboratory ...

The final quality of the printed product is the sum of several elements: design, colour separation, printing and other previous and following processes.

Each of these processes are controlled and observed by the quality control laboratory which is equipped with the following:

  • Corner bend recovery determination device
  • Surface gloss measuring device (REFO 3D)
  • 'Hirlinger' companies optical drawings
  • Vessels for the 'Robinson' test
  • Printed surface friction sustainability measuring device
  • Bar code reader device
  • Friction coefficient measuring device
  • Post print production equipment – Aerator (Model RD 1000 PA/R+S) with ionizing air ventilation system