Full colour Litho printing

Graphic design

Colour separation

Varnishing of various types, including UV varnishing

Hot and cold lamination

Preparation of Flexo plates

Cutting and embossing/debosssing on various types paper and board, also hot foil stamping in gold, silver, etc.

Thermal binding

Cellophane wrapping

Printing on curved surfaces

Engraving, perforation, numbering, folding

Superimposing of holograms

Each of these processes is overseen and checked by our Quality Assurance Laboratory.
With modern technologies and European standards Omega Tegi can produce lithographic production to the highest quality: various kinds of labels, packaging of different sizes, high quality magazines, newspapers, brochures, booklets, posters, etc.

Repro / Design ...

The repro/design studio prepare files (magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, cigarette art works etc..) for colour separation which is then plated and passed through to the printing department.

Colour separation is the first and most important step in creating high quality colour print. At Omega Tegi we work with the latest generation of scanning and photographic readout equipment. Our pre-press equipment includes a Herkules Elite, SW Signastation, Multiline 860 film making machine and Bacher 3081 copy box. The colour separating stations of our printing house gives us many possibilities for adapting or manipulating; the colours, illustrations, photographs, slides, etc. so you will always get a bright and rich coloured picture even from a monochrome, faded or dull image. Our technical team will be happy to explain in more detail how they can make the most of your original images.

World Class Standards
The final quality of printing products is the sum of many elements – design, colour separation, press and other pre-press processes. Due to the combination of the progressive technologies and professionalism of the staff, our printing house can achieve absolute precision of production at all stages.